Hello There…


^This is me! I am a clumsy, nerdy, socially challenged teenage girl, so Hi!

I finally got a smart phone and I have always wanted a blog so here goes! Join me on this weird, twisted journey known as “growing up”, eww, and hopefully we can laugh at the crazy situations that I manage to get myself into XD

Ellen x



Merry Christmas Month!!!

It all starts now! The Christmas jumpers are out and people are putting up their trees. Suddenly everything looks better dressed in tinsel and we’re all frantically running around the shops.

ITS DECEMBER!!!!! I hope you all have an advent calender so that you can open a little door of magic every morning! Everything is becoming very very exciting!

I can almost feel the love and excitement around me, ahhhh Christmas!

I hope you all have the best Christmas ever!!!!


I know some of you read that title and were like “for real? You as well?” and others are like “who said Christmas? Yaaaaaaas!!!!” Ahaha, I know that its only November but its practically Christmas! C’mon guys!

The shops have Christmas music playing in them, they are selling Christmas items, the cafes are selling their Christmas themed coffees, there are Christmas movies on tv now and I attended the Christmas lights turn-on event today in my town!!!




So whether you want to believe it or not, it’s officially Christmas time again and I’m so excited!!!!!! I have a different Christmas outfit for everyday that I’m at college in December! My friends are gonna hate me but I dont appologise to anyone for being festive and joyful!

Get ready! Ho Ho Ho!


College is crazy, I’m failing most of my courses, but I’m being told that apparently it’s normal at his stage so that’s reassuring…I guess?

This week is mock week and I’m dying, like plz help meh! This is my chance to prove that I can do it!

But anyways, I’ve become addicted to this app called Episode! It’s basically a game that has lots of little stories within it. In each story you follow your character through their life situations and you make all of their decisions for them.

You can only get two “tokens” at each time and its one token to play an episode of your story and once you run out of tokens, you have to wait about 4 hours to get another two.

This makes it even more addictive because each episode ends on a cliffhanger and all you want to do is play the next one but you’ve got to wait 4 hours and the struggle is so real!!

I recommend it to anyone, its so good! If you’re looking for a new app, this is your one!

Isn’t it weird?

Its crazy how things work out! At the beginning of the summer holidays I went to a “taster day” at the college that I now go to, which was great!

When I had my Physics lesson that day, I spotted a cute blonde guy sat a few seats away and he smiled at me on the way out of the lesson.

I was so excited that he’d smiled at me! I told all my friends and it’s in my diary and everything.

Then! A guy who looked very much like him was on my friend’s NCS and I was like wait what? But I didn’t think much of it.

When the first day of college came around, I walk into my physics class and there he is! Turns out that he was on my friend’s NCS and we starting talking like every day.

Now he’s my boyfriend, and I’d had a crush on him since before he even knew who I was!

So yes, this nerdy socially awkward girl now has a boyfriend, this is all very exciting! I’ll keep you guys updated!!!


Public Transport


As a British citizen, we have all come across some strange public transport situations. I definitely have within the past month on my bus rides to and from college.

There is one smell that I cannot stand, no matter what. Liquorice. I used to have an allotment with my Dad and whenever fennel started growing, which smells like liquorice, I would refuse to touch it or go near it, in fear of being sick. So when a woman who stank of liquorice sat down next to me at the beginning of my 20 minute bus journey, I was not impressed. I don’t know whether it was just her perfume or that she is addicted to it, but I was internally gagging. I tried breathing through my mouth but nothing could get rid of this smell, that was a horrific journey.


A few days ago, I was waiting at the bus stop and a woman said something to me and I laughed but I didn’t think much of it. When I got on the bus, however, she came and sat next to me, which was okay until she started talking to me. She was asking me about where I go to college and if I party a lot. This woman had crazy white hair and rotting teeth which she clearly doesn’t brush. I must admit, I was feeling very anxious for the entirety of the journey.

When it came to our stop, I rushed off the bus, happy to finally be free. Of course she followed me to where I meet my friends. She asked for the time and then started hysterically laughing about how she always has trouble with the time…BUT THEN the weirdest part…she asked me if I would like some breakfast!! I was really starting to panic then and I politely declined, luckily at that moment my friend came and she left.


Trust Yourself

Over the past few weeks something really exciting has started working its way into my life, but with all great things comes doubts and nerves.

I’ve been pulled in a million different directions being told what I should and shouldn’t be feeling, and what I should and shouldn’t be believing. The opinions that seem the strongest and scariest are the ones that my heart doesn’t believe. I don’t know whether it doesn’t want to believe them or whether it actually doesn’t, but regardless, I’ve decided to listen to my heart.

I’ve spent my entire life caring more about what everyone else says than what I feel is right and its never worked out very well for me. This time is different, this time I’m taking control and everyone else can take their opinions elsewhere. I feel like this is the start of something great and I won’t let anyone push me around anymore.

Your own instincts should be the ones you trust and don’t let people run your emotions, sometimes you’ve got to stop trying to please everyone and actually think of yourself for once.

Not My Day


This morning was erm, interesting!

I got myself up and dressed and my hair washed and my makeup done (not in that order XD) and I left the house. It was all downhill from there.

My bus was running late, great! So, I waited and waited for it and eventually it arrived. I got on and got comfy when….OH CRAP I LEFT MY NOTEBOOK AT HOME, AND MY MATHS HOMEWORK THAT IS DUE FIRST LESSON IS IN THERE!

The bus had already pulled away when the realisation sunk in, I was screwed. So I had to re-do my maths homework throughout my bus journey, that’s always fun.

Then when I got off my bus where I usually meet my friends, they’d already left me cause I was late so that was brilliant!

I walked off on my own to start the 30 minute walk that I had left to get to college…I got half way there when…


I managed to get to college with 1 minute to spare before my Maths class started.

My morning was very eventful and unlucky, I’m glad that’s over!

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