My University Experience So Far…

I’m now coming to the end of my first year of university and it’s been interesting, to say the least. It hasn’t been exactly how I expected it to be.

For starters, I thought majority of my fellow students would be the same as me, straight out of a-levels and into uni, but most of them finished their a-levels at least 1 or 2 years ago and worked in-between. I partly wish I’d done this because then I would be able to enjoy my uni experience without having to manage a part-time job alongside. But unfortunately I’ve got to manage my university work, part-time job and social life, which is much crazier than I thought it would be, and it can all get a bit much sometimes.

Especially in the run up to deadlines and exams, it’s a very stressful time. It makes it so much harder to focus when you’re living with your friends. You’ve just got to put your foot down and try your best not to get distracted by everything around you.

But despite all that, I have made some amazing friends here who are like family now and I would change how this first year has gone for the world. Here’s to the next 3 years of this crazy life!

Ellen x



Merry Christmas Month!!!

It all starts now! The Christmas jumpers are out and people are putting up their trees. Suddenly everything looks better dressed in tinsel and we’re all frantically running around the shops.

ITS DECEMBER!!!!! I hope you all have an advent calender so that you can open a little door of magic every morning! Everything is becoming very very exciting!

I can almost feel the love and excitement around me, ahhhh Christmas!

I hope you all have the best Christmas ever!!!!

Moving House!


This is a complicated story…

For the past 5 years we’ve been renting, so I’ve lived in my childhood house which we owned, then we moved to a rented house for about 18months, and then to another rented house for 3 years and now we’ve moved into another rented house for about 5 months…

5 months? What’s the point? I know!

Basically, we decided a few months back that we wanted to finally own a house again and we found some houses that are currently being built and bought one (in the simplest way of putting it). The houses won’t be finished being built until February. Then, without even knowing anything about us moving, the landlords of our current home at the time, announced that they wanted to sell the house and they wanted us out in 2 months. Oh gosh.

So we have a temporary 6 month rent in this little house until February. However, we are basically living out of boxes because there’s not much point unpacking much, so yeah, there’s boxes everywhere! It’s crazy!

Everything has been so manic recently with starting college, the move, and I got a job at Primark! I started today, so that’s also been stressful to sort out

Crazy, crazy times! I hope you’re all doing well 😀

NCS – Week 2


I got back from week 2 of NCS yesterday and I can’t believe how amazing it was!

I overcame so many fears this week and really challenged myself to move out of my comfort zone! I don’t like talking in front of people or performing etc. But this week I did a solo lip sync, with back up dancers, dressed as Elsa, to Frozen – Let it Go, in front of 30 people! It was so amazing to get up there and face the fear and get over it! Then, the next day I stood up in front of a whole auditorium of people and presented a mock-game-show! I can’t believe I’ve done this!!

We have also been working with a care home and we’re fundraising for them next week! They were all so lovely! 100 year old Barbara was amazing!

I’ve got to know my team so much better and we’re going out for a cheeky nandos tonight! They’re like my family!





NCS – Week One!


As some of you will know from my previous posts, I’m currently doing NCS! I got back from week one yesterday and I can’t even explain how amazing it was!!!

I wish I had more pictures to show you but I honestly didn’t get the chance to take many. The amount of stuff we did was insane! We did absailing, rock climbing, team problem solving, archery, a big hike, meteor shower spotting, camping, canoeing and team challenges! That was all in the space of 5 days!!

Also, the fact that you don’t know anyone in your team when you get there makes the first day pretty awkward but by the end of the second day, you’ll feel like a family!

I hate talking in front of people, I get so nervous and I usually just can’t do it. But by the second evening, I was stood in front of my team, who I’d known for under 48 hours, in my pyjamas, and spoke about being accident prone. It was the best feeling ever!!

My high point of the week was when we all met up here on the camping night:


And when it got completely pitch black there was a meteor shower! The sky was so clear and we all layed down and watch it together and it was just amazing!!

I can’t get over how awesome the past week has been! I love my team so much, the banter is so real and they’re all just lovely people!

I can’t wait for the next two weeks 😀

The Future Challenge

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I got nominated by the amazing Diversion3000! If you are not already following them then head over to their blog now because it’s amazing!!

Anyways, the Rules:


2. SHARE 5 THINGS ABOUT YOUR IDEAL FUTURE: (job, kids marriage, travel…)


4. LINK BACK TO Dreams and Movie Screens, the creator of this tag. Thank you for making this tag!

My ideal future consists of:

1) Studying Computer Science or something similar at a University in America!

2) Getting a job that I love doing, maybe linked with social networking.

3) Being surrounded by amazing and supportive friends and family.

4) Travelling to many different countries and experiencing many different cultures.

5) Having a couple of beautiful kids that make me a proud mother every single day.

I tag:


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Teenage Lunatics


After climbing volcanos and cruising the Atlantic Ocean in a Katamaran, I’ve been feeling rather like Bilbo Baggins after he left the Shire!


On Tuesday 7th July, my dad and I got picked up by the Atlantíco coach to visit Mt Teide:


The trip there was okay until a girl decided that she needed the toilet and she needed it NOW! The urgency was real!

The tour guide tried to explain to her that he can’t stop at the side of the road because he might get a fine but she then burst into tears and so we pulled over.

Bless her, she rushed out and we were all instructed go look to our left and not to turn around (in a half jokey way) and we then carried on the journey.

The cable car was really cool and because of the altitude, when we reached the highest we were allowed to go, the air was rather thin.

We took a little Volcano Selfie up there:


Then we travelled back and stopped at a shop where (for some weird reason) my dad bought a wooden wind chime!

On Wednesday 8th July, my mum, dad, godmother and I hopped onto a Katamaran with 8 other people.

At first it was great, we were bombing along the water and the breeze was refreshing. We even saw some whales going past the boat which was awesome!!! I went to the front of the boat and the water was splashing up in our faces, I was having a fantastic time!


But then we stopped for lunch and a swim. I went into the sea for about 2 minutes before climbing back onto the boat for some paella. Bad idea. After finishing half a plate of paella I instantly regretting my careless decision. The boat seemed to be swaying more than it had been before and my tummy was not happy!

We went excruciatingly slow back to the harbour but we got there eventually!

It was a really cool boat trip, regardless of the sea sickness. My adventures have been memorable and I’m glad I can share them with you (even if its only briefely)



Happy Easter everyone!

I had my family round today which was a nice change from revision all day. We had roast lamb and a nice catchup around the table.

Also, my grandma made the pudding and it was the most heavenly food I’ve ever tasted. There’s still some left so I will hopefully be able to have that at some point, unless anyone else eats it (they better not!).


I hope you have all had a lovely day whether you celebrate Easter or not. Sorry for the short post and the lack of posts recently, revision is getting scarily intense. Only a couple of months and I will have finished school and my blog will be my priority again! Thanks for sticking with me!