The older I’ve become, the more I’ve realised how important friends are and how important it is to have the best friends that you can.

In primary school, you have so many friends that you can’t count them all on one hand, it’s party time every single weekend with presents to give and party bags to receive, but they’re not all friends that are going to stick with you forever.

When you get to high school, you keep some of the friends you had in primary school, but others move on with their lives and you drift apart. This is also when you find a whole new set of friends and you all grow up together within the next five years.

Leaving school is probably one of the biggest shocks to your friendship circle. Whether your friendship group all splits off to different colleges and sixth-forms or not, you will most probably drift apart into new groups.

Coming to university, I’ve created a whole new set of friends who I adore and wouldn’t change for the world. Living in a completely different part of the country to all your friends at home, gives you the opportunity to learn who your true friends are. The ones that still make an effort to see you and keep in contact are the ones that you will treasure forever. There are friends that I expected to be in my life forever, who I have drifted apart from since starting uni.

Everything is always changing, but it’s okay to embrace the change.

Ellen x



The Monday that has just gone marked my first day of college! It’s all very exciting and overwhelming with all the brand new experiences, people, opportunities, it’s crazy.

My first lesson was Computer Science, and it was weird enough that I didn’t have first period and so I didn’t have to be in college until 10am, but then walking in and having the teacher introduce themselves by their first name was even more weird.

As it’s Computer Science, you may have guessed that I’m the only girl in the class. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Majority of my classes are male dominated, as would be expected in Computer Science, Maths and Physics, Latin is the only one that isn’t!

I’ve found that even after two days, I feel like I’ve been sucked into a whole new universe. All the new people around and the fact that we all wear our own clothes, it’s weird not having everyone looking the same. So when you’re walking through the corridor you can judge exactly what people’s personalities are like and what subjects they’re taking from their clothes. The art students all wear really quirky clothes and you can almost instinctively get to know a person from their appearance. This does make me worry what people think of me but then again, I don’t really care.

If anyone is starting college soon, or has just started, or is starting next year, or whatever, and you’re worried about anything or want to find out some stuff then I’m always here to answer any of your questions (if I know the answer XD)!

NCS – Week One!


As some of you will know from my previous posts, I’m currently doing NCS! I got back from week one yesterday and I can’t even explain how amazing it was!!!

I wish I had more pictures to show you but I honestly didn’t get the chance to take many. The amount of stuff we did was insane! We did absailing, rock climbing, team problem solving, archery, a big hike, meteor shower spotting, camping, canoeing and team challenges! That was all in the space of 5 days!!

Also, the fact that you don’t know anyone in your team when you get there makes the first day pretty awkward but by the end of the second day, you’ll feel like a family!

I hate talking in front of people, I get so nervous and I usually just can’t do it. But by the second evening, I was stood in front of my team, who I’d known for under 48 hours, in my pyjamas, and spoke about being accident prone. It was the best feeling ever!!

My high point of the week was when we all met up here on the camping night:


And when it got completely pitch black there was a meteor shower! The sky was so clear and we all layed down and watch it together and it was just amazing!!

I can’t get over how awesome the past week has been! I love my team so much, the banter is so real and they’re all just lovely people!

I can’t wait for the next two weeks 😀

NCS is tomorrow!


I applied for NCS in March and the 10th August felt like an age away. At that point I still had mock exams, final exams, prom and Tenerife before the 10th August! Now it’s tomorrow?

If you’re unsure what NCS is then you can read my previous post about it here!
Or desire4beauty is currently doing it and she’s made some posts about her experience!

I’m so excited but also so nervous! I get so awkward with new people and I just hope I can make a good first impression. As long as I get through the first day okay it should be all good from there. The amount of youtube videos I’ve watched, of people filming their own NCS experience to get a feel of what I’ll be up to, is insane!!

I’m sure everyone will be lovely and I’ll make some brilliant new friends! Plus I already know someone who’s going at the same time as me so that’s comforting 😀

Wish me luck! I’ll let you all know how week one goes at the weekend!


Yesterday I had my school leavers prom! It was one of the best nights of my life and I never want to forget it!

I had my hair done (which I’ve never done before):


I did my own makeup:


And my “date” as such, was my best friend:


and he got me a corsage:


After having a lot of pictures taken, we left in our cars for the venue! Only to be greeted upon arrival by a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed Prom, with our very own umpalumpa!

Everyone looked so amazing and the night was filled with dancing and photo taking. Plus I ate some candy floss and pizza at some point and I stood in some candy floss that I had to wash off (ew).




There was even a photo booth where we could take crazy pictures with props and things:



It was such a surreal night and it was so lovely to spend our last night all together with my weirdo friends all dressed up!


Time Flies

So apparently I grew up?


From my first day of Primary School, to my last day of Secondary School.

Yesterday I left high school…how am I old enough to leave high school? I still feel like the same, little, 11 year old girl who was terrified of moving to “big school”. Five years down the line and I’m here, leaving the amazing friends that I made as we all go off to different colleges. Everything is changing.


These people are the most wonderful people you could ever imagine and the thought of not seeing them everyday makes me really sad. I’ve spent a whole five years of my life with them and suddenly I’ve got to meet new people and make new first impressions. I won’t lie to you, I’m scared. The concept of college scares me half to death!

My best friends all finished their exams before me and so last friday we all celebrated the end of the exams together. Knowing that we’re going to different college breaks my heart. I love them more than anything! They also know how weird I am, and I dont want to scare people off at college with my weirdness that they’re not used to!

I guess I’m just nervous for the future and the responsibility that lies ahead. But, I have a whole three months off for summer and I’m going to make the most of it! Wish me luck!

NCS – The Challenge

In Britain, young people between the ages 15-17 are offered the chance to take part in an opportunity called NCS (National Citizen Service) – The Challenge. It is funded by the government but for placement purposes only, a deposit is needed of £50 but that covers everything and there will be no more additional costs.

NCS – The Challenge runs throughout every school holiday and offers fantastic activities to get us involved. It happens over 3 weeks and is split into 3 sections.

Section 1

A group of us who don’t know each other head off to somewhere like the Lake District, Scotland, Wales etc. To take part in various outdoor activities. These include Kayaking, Cliff Jumping, Hikes, Raft Building, Camping and so much more. We get to know each other well and stay there for 5 days before going home for the weekend.

Section 2

We head off to our local university and spend 5 days there living with our group. Throughout the 5 days we learn a new skill or develop an existing one that we have chosen such as photography, media, music, enterprise. We are also given a budget and we have to buy our own food and supplies, then cook our own meals. We then come home for the weekend again.

Section 3

We stay at home in the evenings during this section but in the day we make our own campaign to help the community. We come up with an idea, run with it and then showcase it at the end to provide evidence what we’ve been up to. After 4 days of this, the NCS trip is over and we are only left with graduation.

My point is that I have applied for this and my place on NCS – The Challenge for Summer was confirmed today. I am extremely nervous but also very excited because this is not the kind of thing that I would usually do. The socializing part is going to be the toughest for me, but I do not regret signing up because sometimes you need to take risks in order to get the best out of life.

To reflect what I just said, their slogan is “Just Say Yes” which is a powerful message to drive young people to take this risk in order to get something out of it.

Being Socially Challenged at Parties

I just got back from a garden party. First of all, I know what you’re thinking: at this time of year? But I know! It didn’t help that I thought it was a house party so I was definitely not dressed appropriately for the cold. I was in a thin dress with bare legs, sandal wedges and no coat. I nearly froze.

But that’s not my point, my point is that I always feel extremely socially awkward at parties. Tonight was particularly bad because I decided to spend the evening with my equally as awkward friend. We’re a funny pair but as soon as we’re put in a social situation it just falls to pieces.

Him and I were just standing and chatting to each other when one of our other friends and her boyfriend, who we had never met, came over to join us. We exchanged the look, the look of pure terror at the thought of having to actually socialize! This is how the situation goes down (I will substitute different names in):

Lilly: “are you still going out with Jake?”
Me: “I err, I wasn’t erm going out with err him? Well I did in like err year 7 but…”
Lilly: “oh right cause I thought Kathy put something on her snapchat story about you finally being together or something”
Me: “oh err no no no” *nervous laugh*
Lilly: *gesturing to Steve and I* “oh are you two together?”
Steve: “sorry what? Pardon?”
Me: “no no no, we’re not together”
Steve: “oh right, yeah no”
Lilly: “I think I should just stop talking ahaha”
Lilly’s boyfriend: “yeah you have a real problem with just talking and talking”
*all laugh*
*pure silence for about 5 minutes*
*Lilly and her boyfriend walk away*
*Steve and I start immediately talking about how awkward that was*

So yeah, that’s what happens at parties…and I’m hosting my own for my 16th in the summer. That’s going to be scary but at least it will be with a load of people that I know really well because I get to choose who is there!

Hopefully I won’t feel as awkward at my own party than at other people’s!