Merry Christmas Month!!!

It all starts now! The Christmas jumpers are out and people are putting up their trees. Suddenly everything looks better dressed in tinsel and we’re all frantically running around the shops.

ITS DECEMBER!!!!! I hope you all have an advent calender so that you can open a little door of magic every morning! Everything is becoming very very exciting!

I can almost feel the love and excitement around me, ahhhh Christmas!

I hope you all have the best Christmas ever!!!!

Revision Squad

Most days I go to revision sessions after school and I usually go with the same people, these guys are brilliant and I love them all so much. Without them, I wouldn’t be motivated to do the amount of revision that I do and I would probably have procrastinated my revision more than I have.


I apologise for the awkward cropping, I had to cut out all of our school badges, but this is us (minus one, who doesn’t like having his picture taken). But these guys have helped me through so much with these exams and I hope they realize that.

So here’s to my cheesy appreciation post for these weirdos, I love them loads and loads!


I’m at that age where I’m about to under go my GCSEs (if you’re not from the UK, GCSEs are my end of high school exams). The amount of revision that I’m expected to do is insane.

From my own experiences and constantly talking to my friends about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re put under extortionate amounts of pressure in relation to our age. Being a 15-16 year old, we have a ridiculous number of hormones rattling around inside us. We are experiencing heart breaks and lust which are not going to help when we’re meant to be revising.

The expectations that are forced upon us are unrealistic and quite frankly, terrifying. I’m expected to know everything for all 23 of my exams in six weeks time and we’ve only just finished learning most of the topics. In fact, we still haven’t finished learning some of it. Two whole years worth of information has to be in my head, clearly, so I can be examined on it in less than two months.

We deal with all of this along side discovering that boys really aren’t as bad as I used to think but ultimately resulting in being messed around by them. Plus, discovering the importance of body image and makeup etc. Whilst also crying over ice cream because my period always comes at the wrong time…but is there really a “right time”?

How are we supposed to cope? I can guarantee that every teenager has felt this way before. It’s not fair.

Never let the undeserving hurt you.

Time and time again I see people getting hurt by those who didn’t deserve them in the first place. I may have even experienced it myself, although maybe I’m not old enough to know just yet. But never let anyone who treats you as less than perfect, have the ability to hurt you.

If they can’t comprehend how to interact with a human in a compassionate and gentle manner, then neglect any power they have over you. They are just not worth it.

Some people’s brains don’t seem to have the capacity to realize your utter beauty, inside and out. As a result of this ignorance, they loose out on an exquisite opportunity but they also leave the chance open to other, better, more intelligent human beings to ensure that you’re the happiest you can ever be. Hang in there.

The best is to come! There are always happy endings, if it’s not happy, it’s not the end.

Stay beautiful x