The older I’ve become, the more I’ve realised how important friends are and how important it is to have the best friends that you can.

In primary school, you have so many friends that you can’t count them all on one hand, it’s party time every single weekend with presents to give and party bags to receive, but they’re not all friends that are going to stick with you forever.

When you get to high school, you keep some of the friends you had in primary school, but others move on with their lives and you drift apart. This is also when you find a whole new set of friends and you all grow up together within the next five years.

Leaving school is probably one of the biggest shocks to your friendship circle. Whether your friendship group all splits off to different colleges and sixth-forms or not, you will most probably drift apart into new groups.

Coming to university, I’ve created a whole new set of friends who I adore and wouldn’t change for the world. Living in a completely different part of the country to all your friends at home, gives you the opportunity to learn who your true friends are. The ones that still make an effort to see you and keep in contact are the ones that you will treasure forever. There are friends that I expected to be in my life forever, who I have drifted apart from since starting uni.

Everything is always changing, but it’s okay to embrace the change.

Ellen x

My University Experience So Far…

I’m now coming to the end of my first year of university and it’s been interesting, to say the least. It hasn’t been exactly how I expected it to be.

For starters, I thought majority of my fellow students would be the same as me, straight out of a-levels and into uni, but most of them finished their a-levels at least 1 or 2 years ago and worked in-between. I partly wish I’d done this because then I would be able to enjoy my uni experience without having to manage a part-time job alongside. But unfortunately I’ve got to manage my university work, part-time job and social life, which is much crazier than I thought it would be, and it can all get a bit much sometimes.

Especially in the run up to deadlines and exams, it’s a very stressful time. It makes it so much harder to focus when you’re living with your friends. You’ve just got to put your foot down and try your best not to get distracted by everything around you.

But despite all that, I have made some amazing friends here who are like family now and I would change how this first year has gone for the world. Here’s to the next 3 years of this crazy life!

Ellen x


I’m at University now?!

It’s been a few years since I posted on here but I’m now a student at the University of Brighton! I thought I would recover this blog and document¬† my uni experience! I’m studying Digital Media Development so this blog can also potentially help with my Industrial Placement and future careers. So, I’m back and excited to start this back up!

Ellen x

Time Flies

So apparently I grew up?


From my first day of Primary School, to my last day of Secondary School.

Yesterday I left high school…how am I old enough to leave high school? I still feel like the same, little, 11 year old girl who was terrified of moving to “big school”. Five years down the line and I’m here, leaving the amazing friends that I made as we all go off to different colleges. Everything is changing.


These people are the most wonderful people you could ever imagine and the thought of not seeing them everyday makes me really sad. I’ve spent a whole five years of my life with them and suddenly I’ve got to meet new people and make new first impressions. I won’t lie to you, I’m scared. The concept of college scares me half to death!

My best friends all finished their exams before me and so last friday we all celebrated the end of the exams together. Knowing that we’re going to different college breaks my heart. I love them more than anything! They also know how weird I am, and I dont want to scare people off at college with my weirdness that they’re not used to!

I guess I’m just nervous for the future and the responsibility that lies ahead. But, I have a whole three months off for summer and I’m going to make the most of it! Wish me luck!